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Mineral Zeolite is a natural product with optimal clinoptilolite concentration (83%), which guarantees efficient and safe administration.

Zeolites are minerals of natural origin that formed millions of years ago from the volcanic lava under the action of marine waters, causing the transformation of the volcanic volcanic material into crystalline structures.

The zeolite's therapeutic qualities have been known since antiquity, and are often found in traditional ancient medicine. Subsequently, the scientific research on the use of polyfunctional substances of mineral origin, made on several species of zeolites, demonstrated the ability of the clinoptilolite zeolite (the active principle of the mineral) to rebalance and protect the organism, having selective action, with the role of absorption and elimination of toxic substances.


Presentation: 180 capsules vial



1. Zeolitic mineralized tubule with 83% clinoptilolite - 600 mg

2. Capsule gelatin



1. Supports the good functioning of the digestive system

2. Supports the proper functioning of the circulatory system

3. Contributes to optimal liver and kidney function

4. Supports the growth of physical and intellectual performance

5. Contributes to increasing oxygen concentration at cellular level

6. Contributes to restoring and maintaining an optimal alkaline pH of the body (7.35-7.45), a key condition for a healthy body

7. Contributes to the elimination of fatigue, insomnia, depression by reducing ammonium ions in the body.



2 cps twice / day, morning and evening, 1 hour before or after meal

It is recommended to consume 1.5-2 liters of water per day



Be cautious with pregnant women. Keep out of reach and sight of small children. Keep well closed, away from moisture and heat. The product is a dietary supplement and should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption.